Our Innovations

Increasing Efficiencies and Reducing Costs with New Technology

At Apex Utilities, we’re always searching for ways to improve processes so we can deliver reliable, clean, and affordable energy. We test and evaluate new technologies that allow us to serve our customers better.

AMR by Plane

We use Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology to read meters remotely, reducing costs and human errors, and improving data accuracy. These readings are collected throughout the Province using an airplane, reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to meter reading by 80% (400 tonnes CO2e).

GPS on Plows

We have integrated GPS equipment into our construction plows, which communicate directly with our Geographic Information System. As a result, we are able to collect pipe location data in three dimensions in real-time, reducing costs and human errors, and improving data accuracy.

GPS on Trucks

We integrate GPS data from our service vehicles with our dispatch system, ensuring the closest technician responds to emergencies and service routes are optimized.

Statements regarding Apex Utilities’ environmental performance are accurate as of the time of issuance and are based on adequate and proper methodologies at such time. Apex Utilities is committed to regularly reviewing the environmental standards it uses to substantiate environmental claims.