Pipeline Surveys

Safety and Reliability of our Natural Gas System is a Priority

In order to ensure the continued safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to customers throughout Alberta, Apex Utilities prioritizes the maintenance of its pipeline system. This includes actively monitoring our pipelines for any potential failures by surveying our lines on a regular frequency.

Our fully trained technicians and contractors survey every inch of our pipelines on a rotating frequency, which adds up to over 21,000 km walked every five years!

Because our lines run throughout all of Alberta, including on public and private property, at times, we will need to access your property to complete these surveys.

Although this activity has no impact on your gas supply, our technicians and contractors need to walk directly over our pipelines to complete the survey correctly. We will make every reasonable attempt to let you know when this work is occurring, and as always, we appreciate your patience while we complete this very important activity. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for notifications of when pipeline surveys will be completed in your area.