Builder Dug Excavation Program

Collaborating with Builders in Beaumont and Leduc

The Builder Dug Excavations program applies to home and commercial builders building in Leduc and Beaumont who need gas service installed. This program was developed to allow approved builders to expose and backfill the building’s gas service alignment, which can reduce the overall installation time and help get natural gas to the site faster and more efficiently.

The program does not change how a builder requests a new service line or how they request a natural gas meter. For more information about the program, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Builders interested in this program can apply for the program by submitting the following application.


Application Process for Builders


Step 1: Review the roles and responsibilities

The builder roles and responsibilities are outlined in the Terms of Engagement, including a site sketch that identifies the minimum site requirements to be provided by the builder.

Need more information about the program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


Step 2: Complete the application form

Complete the electronic application form below and someone from our Construction Department will contact you.

I am authorized to opt in on behalf of the builder.(Required)
I have reviewed and agree to the Roles and Responsibilities(Required)

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