Relight Your Appliances

Pilot Light or Electronic Ignition

You may need to relight your natural gas appliances after a disruption in service. It’s important to know which of your appliances have a pilot light. Many furnaces, garage heaters, ranges, gas clothes dryers, and newer water heaters have electronic ignition, not a pilot light, and will not need to be relit.


For gas burning appliances with a pilot light, review these instructions before you start:

  • Switch the power off to any gas-burning appliances with a fan, such as your furnace, and turn the water temperature dial on your water heater to summer or vacation mode, as applicable.
  • Turn all appliance gas valves to the off position.
  • Ensure the main gas valve, by the gas meter, is in the open position. If it is in the closed position, use a crescent wrench to open it.
  • If the regulator has a plunger, remove the cap and pull the plunger out about one inch. The plunger should stay in its “pulled out” position.
  • Check around all gas-burning equipment and gas piping. If you smell gas or suspect a leak, turn off the appliance valve or the main gas valve and contact us. We will send a technician to inspect your piping and appliances.
  • Relight appliances according to the manufacturer’s instructions in the appliance manual or as found on the appliance itself.

There are many makes and models of furnaces and hot water heaters; these steps are for the most common. If you require assistance, contact us, and one of our technicians will help you.