Rules, Policies, Contract, and Handbook

Apex Utilities provides gas distribution services to licensed retailers on behalf of consumers who choose to purchase their natural gas from a retailer. Find resources about the policies and rules of an agreement between a retailer and Apex Utilities.

Retailer Handbook

The Retailer Handbook was developed by Apex Utilities for retailers who have entered into a Retailer Distribution Service Contract with AUI. The handbook also applies to any party acting as an agent on behalf of a retailer with respect to transactions including, but not limited to, retail billing and load settlement.

Terms & Conditions of Service and Contracts

Retailer Distribution Service Contract

The Retailer Distribution Service Contract establishes the contractual relationship between AUI and a retailer. This contract is required before a retailer can provide gas services to customers in AUI’s service areas.

Retailer Distribution Service Rules

The Retailer Distribution Service Rules are part of our Retailer Distribution Service Contract. These service rules govern the relationship between AUI and the retailer or any agent acting on behalf of the retailer, and between AUI and the customer.

For information on Retail Distribution Rates and Rate Riders, visit Retailer Rates.

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