Combined Heat and Power

Efficient and Cost-Effective Technology


What is Combined Heat and Power?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also called cogeneration, is an energy-efficient technology that uses natural gas to generate electricity, with heat as a by-product. Facilities with a continual demand for heat and power will benefit the most from CHP. This includes swimming pools and recreational facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, colleges and universities, hotels, multi-residential buildings, and light industrial facilities.

How does it work?

CHP technology uses clean, affordable natural gas as a single fuel source to generate electricity. The heat produced during electricity generation can be used for space and water heating, cooling, desiccant dehumidification, and process heat.

Benefits of CHP

The most significant benefits are energy efficiency and cost reduction. CHP requires less fuel to produce a given energy output. Other benefits include increased power supply reliability, energy security, and reduced emissions.

Can CHP work for you?

The feasibility of CHP depends on your energy profile. It’s important to understand your energy needs, and power and gas consumption patterns.

As you begin your research into CHP, consider engaging consultants or suppliers who can provide you with more insight and information about CHP systems.

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