Safety Tips

Help Keep our Workers Safe

When it comes to safety, everyone has a role. Do your part by ensuring your property is safe for our workers during service calls.

If you are expecting a service call, before our worker arrives, please:

  • Provide a safe path to the work area;
  • Ensure you communicate any potential hazards that our workers should be aware of including:
    • Hidden hazards (slips, trips, and falls; insect nests; etc.)
    • Congested or limited access areas including walkways
    • Dogs
  • Ensure dogs are secured during service calls; even the friendliest pets can become aggressive when protecting their owners or home, or an unfamiliar person enters the area;
  • Confining your dog to the house, garage, or other secure space;
  • Avoid leashing or chaining your dog near the work area or meter location; and
  • Ensure your dog remains secure until our worker leaves your property.

Your service call may be rescheduled if your property is not properly secured.