Sections On Your Invoice Explained

  • Account No

    Your unique number to reference when you call our Customer Care Team or make online bank payments.

  • Service Address

    The address where natural gas service is being provided. It may or may not be the same as the Mailing Address.

  • Premise

    A unique number assigned to the service address.

  • Rate Category

    The rate classification that applies to your service address. All rates are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

  • Invoice Period

    The date range period for the current invoice.

  • Previous Invoice

    The amount of your previous invoice.

  • Previous Payments

    The payment(s) you have made since your last invoice.

  • Balance Forward

    Any unpaid amounts from the previous invoice.

  • Total Current Charges

    Total amount due for the current billing period.

  • Amount Due

    Total amount for current billing period and any previous unpaid amounts.

  • Gas Cost

    A per unit rate ($/GJ) to recover the market rate of the cost of natural gas you consume, plus gas supply management costs.

  • Administration Fee

    A daily fee to recover the costs incurred by us to be your default gas supplier, regardless of the amount used.

  • Fixed Delivery

    A daily fee to recover a portion of the cost to provide gas distribution service, regardless of the amount used.

  • Variable Delivery

    A fee calculated on a per unit rate ($/GJ) to recover gas distribution service costs not included in the Fixed Delivery.

  • Third Party Transportation

    The charge calculated on a per unit rate ($/GJ) to recover the costs of transporting natural gas to our distribution system through pipelines owned by other companies.

  • Property Tax

    Taxes and fees levied by and paid in full to your municipality or other third party.

  • Franchise Fee

    Fees levied by and paid in full to your municipality.

  • Usage-Type

    Indicates whether your meter read was actual (A) or estimated (E).

  • Usage (CCF)

    Volume of gas measured in hundreds of cubic feet.

  • Correction Factor & Energy

    Used to convert gas measured in CCF to GJ (gigajoules).

  • Units (GJ)

    Your invoice is calculated based on the units of energy in gigajoules (GJ) used during the invoice period.

  • Utility Deferral Adjustment

    A temporary charge to recover the outstanding deferral balances from the Utility Payment Deferral Program (UPDP).

  • Federal Carbon Tax

    Visit Federal Carbon Tax for more information

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