Delivering Reliable, Clean, and Affordable Energy

For over 70 years, Apex Utilities has focused on serving the Alberta community, keeping customers warm with consistent service and responsive support.
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Benefits of Natural Gas

Because natural gas is abundant in Alberta, using it to heat your home and water is convenient, safe, and affordable.

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Natural Gas Equipment and

Natural gas appliances like furnaces, hot water tanks, BBQs, stoves, dryers, and combined heat and power systems, will save you money. Modern natural gas appliances are up to 98% efficient and on average use less fuel to achieve the same result as their electric alternative.

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Latest News

Get the inside scoop on what’s happening at Apex Utilities

Government of Alberta Natural Gas Rebate


Government of Alberta Natural Gas Rebate In October 2022, the Government of Alberta implemented the Natural Gas Rebate Program to help Albertans manage high heating costs related to fluctuating natural gas prices from October 2022 to March 2023. Subsequently, in February 2023, the Government of Alberta extended the Natural Gas Rebate Program, and it now […]

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Gas Pipeline Monitoring Pilot


Each year, our trained technicians and contractors physically inspect a portion of our 21,000 km of gas pipelines. This activity is an important part of our gas pipeline monitoring to ensure safe, reliable, and consistent gas service. However, pipeline surveys require our technicians and contractors to walk on and near customer properties and traverse rough […]

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Micro-Combined Heat and Power Unit at Apex Utilities District Office


Apex Utilities recently commissioned a natural gas micro-combined heat and power (mCHP) unit at its Leduc District Office: the first project to pilot natural gas alternative energy systems and reduce emissions.     The mCHP is a reliable technology that simultaneously produces heat and power from natural gas and lowers both electricity costs and emissions. […]

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Apex Utilities acknowledges the traditional territories of the Indigenous People of Alberta, including those within Treaty 6, 7, and 8, as well as the Métis Settlements and Métis Nation of Alberta regions on which Apex Utilities operates. The histories, languages, and cultures of the Indigenous People of Alberta have been and continue to be an important influence on our vibrant communities. This acknowledgement is made in the spirit of reconciliation.